Orange Spinach Green Smoothie

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This is a super easy green smoothie to make with only 2 main ingredients so not much shopping to do.

I love a green smoothie for breakfast.  

Oranges are full of good nutrition (lots of vitamin C), low in calories, contains no saturated fats or cholesterol, and is rich in dietary fiber and pectin. Pectin has also been shown to reduce blood cholesterol.


1 large orange, peeled and chopped into pieces
2 cups spinach
Clean water


  1. Start with blending oranges till liquified.
  2. Then add spinach slowly till blended in.
  3. Add just enough pure water to be able to add more spinach.
  4. Blend till smooth; use the liquefy button on the blender.
  5. Drink immediately.

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I am the Founder and Author at Real Food For Life. Have been teaching cooking classes worldwide since 1982. Create original, healthy recipes and menus, which are gluten free and white sugar free. Also, the author of the GREEN means LEAN and Balance Your Body e-books. I turned a debilitating health crisis into a passion for helping others with healthy, sugar free, gluten free eating and cooking.



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  1. sarah says:

    wow sonuds bitter. But ill try. Thanks!!!!!!

  2. Sarah, if you are worried about that then the first time use 1 cup of spinach. Taste it and see if it would be ok to add more. I do not find it bitter at all but we all have different taste buds. It is important that you enjyoy it…..we need to enjoy all of our food.

  3. Janet says:

    I love this recipe because it’s so easy and tasty! I did not find it bitter at all, but my oranges were not very sweet, so I few times I’ve thrown in a handfull of red grapes.

  4. Jen McCarthy says:

    Spinach is such a healthy food to eat and is so very economical. There’s a lot of nutrition per dollar of spinach.

    We enjoy spinach in a variety of ways but one of the kids has a hard time with it but loves it in smoothies like this.

  5. Christine Farrell says:

    I love the sound of the orange with spinach. Will definitely be giving this a try.
    Thanks for sharing.

  6. Margaret says:

    Looks great.
    Will give it a whirl.
    Many thanks

  7. ihsan says:

    Dear Diana ,
    I had rather cooking spinach prior to blending ..thanks

  8. Diane says:

    If your worried about it not being sweet enough add a few dates.

  9. Andre says:

    That’s a great combination. I also like tomato with apple juice! It’s really healthy!

  10. Wendy Parker says:

    very good! I am collecting recipes good for seniors. Time to look into a financial supplement and serving God. I have been gardening for seniors for years but getting too senior myself. I love the folks and good smoothies that address their health needs would be a labor of love.

  11. Neon Johnson says:

    Orange and Spinach is a great idea I will be trying that soon Thank you for all the great information you share.We can all be healthier

  12. gloria says:

    Hello Diana,
    thank you so much for the recipe. I am trying to find a healthy breakfast solution for tomorrow morning. Trying to decide between the apple green smoothie and this one. Just one question – will adding some (soaked) seeds (pepitas, sunflower, flax, sesame, poppie, etc.) or nuts or maybe ginger root will spoil the nutritional benefits?

  13. Gloria, that will work. I often put soaked nuts or seeds in but maybe not sesame or poppy. ginger is a great addition.

  14. Brenda Allison says:

    Can frozen (thawed) spinach be used or does it have to be fresh spinach?

  15. Frozen just is not so good but I do know some people use it. I would not.

  16. Joao says:

    Cool, very nice!
    Thanks for sharing.

  17. Taylor says:

    Very nice!
    I love spinach!

  18. life says:

    hi Diana!
    just wanted to clear weather raw spinach is good for hashimoto disease.

  19. Bruno says:

    Thanks Diana for Sharing, Great Post !!

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