I Was Sick and Tired!

I Was a successful London entrepreneur
and lost everything:

My Health, Partner, Friends and My Business.

Was Sick & Tired with Fibromyalgia Spring 1996

I lived with Fibromyalgia for 15 years.

I was diagnosed as having Severe Chronic Fatigue Syndrome as well.  Now I am in good health, and even went on my dream journey to India and hiked up a mountain – powered by Chinese Herbal concentrated foods.

Anyone can recover from chronic problems including Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and live a happier, healthier full life. It is important to not give up even though you need to give in to what is happening.

I tried everything under the sun and none of it really worked.  I was on an expensive alternative medicine journey for 15 years.  I tried dozens of things and some made me worse.

All of the symptoms on the fibromyalgia list and more were a part of my daily life. Finally I was diagnosed with severe Chronic Fatigue Syndrome after limping around for 7 years.  What I now know from much reading is that I definitely had Fibromyalgia too as I was in pain everywhere, even the outside of my ears.  I was unable to take pain killers due to the side effects mostly to my non-functioning digestive system.  In a way that was a good thing as I did not load my system up with more toxins.


There was a point when I was only able to eat 12 foods nothing raw and never knew which ones would be OK from one day till the next.  They told me I was allergic to almost everything.


               Diana at a clinic Summer 1996

Eating a balanced alkaline/acid diet with whole foods, no additives or chemicals, no sugar or caffeine for years did make a substantial difference but did not take me all the way back to total health and vitality. It did take me from 25% to 40% (45% on a good day) functioning. The best part was that I was able to eat 12 foods that worked most of the time after being in the clinic.

Dancing 2002-1

       Dancing in Life in 2002

What took me the rest of the way back to full health was a specialized Custom Health Testing that included investigating Chinese herbal tonics.  After one year of regular consumption and testing I was fully back in life again!  I was able to eat a whole variety of foods so I was not allergic after all.

It is totally possible to have full health back.


       Dancing in Life Hawaii, 2008

It has been 14 years since my total recovery and still count my blessings.  To be fully alive, not housebound, to be driving a car without painful arms, to go for long 3 hour walks, to dance and do my own gardening without pain is truly something to be thankful for. Also, to be able to walk through the perfume isle at a department store and not fall over and be unwell for weeks. I was grateful to be able to work again.

My digestive system was doing it’s job, my respiratory system was not so challenged and my immune system strong so no more flues and colds.  Overall I became stronger and healthier.

The day I phoned the Disability office to tell them I did not qualify for the benefits any more, was amazing.  The social worker was surprised. He said I made his year!  I had been living on Disability for 10 years.

Never give up.  It is possible.

There is something out there that will do it and that is why we must never give up.

My motto during those last 10 difficult years was:

Give In but Don’t Give Up

Here is a poem I wrote during that time:

Cloudy Day – 30 August, 1996

It is a cloudy day.
A comforting blanket
of soft greys covers us.

Every now and again
the sun peeps out brightly
blinding us for seconds
and casts bits of rainbows
around me and my room
from the window crystals.

There was a time when
only the sun could bring
the delights of this earth
to me.

But nought does it matter
on this fair day of clouds.
For today is lovely to me.

And how was my body feeling that day? It was in pain and I did not have the energy to walk out side or cut up vegetables. But still by giving in to what was happening I found I could enjoy the moment.

I did finally get totally better and was able to do the things I once enjoyed before being ill.

I went on my dream journey to India and hiked up Arunachula mountain.


Arunachala mountain, India Feb 2002 With a friend

Now, I live a full life, gardening, cleaning my house, walking up 100 stairs regularly. I am a fully functioning woman after 15 years of being disabled and am grateful to have my life back. I am dancing in life!

To be able to easily travel all over the world proves to me  (and to you) that I really am totally well and I do not even get the flues and colds that I see others do around me.

I invite you to get a Custom Health Testing that includes investigating Chinese herbal tonics so you can be at optimum health.

So, to brag a little here are a few pictures of me travelling around the world in recent years.

        Diana at party in Hong Kong 2007

Diana on the Great Wall of China 2007

Diana in Tibet 2007

Diana on Long Beach California 2011

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To help others I have created a number of Weekend Web Trainings to share my experience and knowledge I have gained from all this.
They teach you to Detox, to Alkalize and To Food Combining.