What Is Real Food?

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Real Food Feeds and Nourishes You

You might have your own definition of Real Food which will depend upon what you want or need in your life.
You may crave energy.  You may want strength.  You may need balance or healing.
Some people would consider beauty or love essential food for their lives.

Real Food is food in its most natural state; it is unprocessed or with very little processing.
Real food does not need a label or fancy packaging.  A lemon is a lemon.  An onion is an onion. Real Food is a whole food that is life sustaining.

Whole Foods are: “Foods that have been minimally refined or processed, and are eaten in their natural state. In general nothing is removed from, or added to, the foodstuffs in preparation. Wholegrain cereal products are made by milling the complete grain.”  Definition is from: www.encyclopedia.com

Our bodies were designed to digest Real Food.  The best Real Foods to me are called Powerfoods.

Benefits of Real Food:

1. Full of naturally occurring vitamins and minerals to build and nourish the body.

If you research supplements carefully you will find  that the better more expensive supplements provide a wider and more sophisticated complement of ingredients. They are actually trying to get the combination and chemical structure closer and closer to the whole food state.  You might ask at some point: why not just eat the food?

2. No added fat

Too much fat makes you fat. The high levels of fat added to processed foods and junk food is the ‘bad’ kind that now has  been shown to increase heart disease, obesity.
Real Food nuts,  on the other hand,  have fat in them but it is often the ‘good kind’ that has been shown to help weight loss.

3.  No added sugar

White sugar (and similar high processed sugars)  makes you fat, creates anxiety and depression, increases diabetes, heart problems and rots your teeth, and suppresses your immune system.
Processed foods almost always have sugar added to them since they know it is addictive and they want to eat as much as possible.
Most real foods (except meat) have carbohydrates in them, usually in lower quantities, but even if there are higher amounts of carbohydrates, such as in fruit, it is more slowly absorbed into the system because of fiber and other whole food elements so the sugars are not absorbed so quickly. We call these smart carbs.
This means you get energy but without the problems.

4.  No added salt real food with diana

To much salt is hard on the kidneys and creates high blood pressure.  It ends up being one more toxin the body must deal with.

Real foods have minimal amount of naturally occurring sodium which is actually good for the body.
Most processed foods have added salt in increase the flavor (even if it is very sweet) so you will eat more and eat more often.

5.  Real Food Looks, Smells and Feels Great

I love strolling through the produce department of the supermarket or health food store is fun. Seeing mountains of reds, greens, oranges and yellows is not just a feast for my eyes, but for my nose as well. Even my body resonates with this offering of Real Food nourishment. I fill my shopping cart with these vibrant fruits and vegetables.

Going to the farmers market is even more fun!  It is vibrantly alive with tables filled with vibrant green lettuce, bright red tomatoes, cherries and apples, fuzzy peaches, yellow beans, sweet blueberries, juicy raspberries and fresh pickling cucumbers. Just thinking of all of this wonderful fresh food is making my mouth water.

Paying at the grocery store is not as much fun: waiting among lines of moms, teenagers, and businessmen with their carts piled high with packages and cans.

This video is of me showing what I feel is Real Food VS NOT Real Food . Click to watch.

 7 Guidelines to Get a ‘Real Food’ Program Going:

  1. Don’t eat food products containing ingredients that are unpronounceable.
  2. Shop at the farmers market or grow your own food if you can. It will be fresher and have the most nutrition with no preservatives.
  3. Eat Mostly plants, particularly, lots of greens.
  4. Do not eat food products that make health claims. Mostly these processed food claims are untrustworthy.   Remember those margarine claims about it being so good for us? Then we found out it was giving people heart attacks.
  5. Pay more for the best nutritious food you can find.  This will sometimes mean buying organic. Much of the population who are overweight are eating way too much.  They would do better health wise by eating less food with a higher nutritional value and by eating Real Food that will be giving the body what it is truly craving: more nutrition.
  6. Learn to cook your own healthy meals. It’s fun! You do not need to be a rocket scientist to make simple healthy meals like I do.
  7. Eat a wide variety of Real Foods. Try adding new vegetables or fruits.  You will get a wider spectrum of nutrition.

This article contains  excerpts from my e-book.  Green Means Lean

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  1. tudy stoelting says:

    Real food to me is food without a PC code bar on it!!
    Fresh Fruits and Vegetables, preferably right from the farmer or my garden. Whole foods, live foods, foods that will continue to nouish my body for optimum health and vitality.

  2. Marla says:

    Thank-you,Diana! REAL FOOD is what God has created for us to enjoy and nourish ourselves—-it is SO easy to get lazy,get caught up with the “CHEAP THRILLS” of life, which includes things to eat that are merely poor imitations—-Too much goodness on this earth to appreciate, to settle for anything that isn’t the best1 I’m no goody-goody by any means, but the challenge is to have a nurturing everyday food plan, and only once-in-awhile,if need be, include some other things–but to have that be the 2%–and the RAL FOOD be the 98%…..Let me take this time to really let you know how much I appreciate your doing this blog and taking the “stand” you do. HERE’S TO GREAT FOOD AND GREAT HEALTH!

  3. Pinky Lynn says:

    Thank you, Diana. I believe real food is designed for us by of Creator meant for us to keep us well. I have been living against God’s natural law (I realised from your website, from Dr Lorraine Day’s website, from Markus and many more kind brave people like you). I have tried and been trying but not 100%. I am infected with Klebsiella affected my sinus and lungs. I tried raw food, stopped, and continue again now, I am just too afraid of Klebsiella presence on raw food. What should I be doing?

  4. Hello Lynn, that sounds very challenging for you. I do not know much about Klebsiella and not being a medical professional I cannot tell you what to do.

    I have had respiratory issues and the one thing I know is that diet has helped. Any dairy products in any form would make it worse and so would many other mucous forming foods for me.

    We do some testing with a range of products that may help. Check it out http://realfoodforlife.com/custom-health-testing.

  5. Perry Block says:

    All right, I’ll buy into it! No more sugar on my grapefruit.

    But is there any way to get Coca Cola into the Real Food category?

  6. Perry! You are funny but then that is what you do best. I know you know the answer. :)

  7. Gerry Hall says:

    Do you realize that quinoa is now hardly available to the people who have lived on it for years. The western world bags it all!

  8. Yes Gerry I have heard that. What I also know is that it is being grown in America now too so I am hoping that will make up for it soon.

  9. Budy says:

    I agree that consume plant or vegetarian will make me consume the real food. I think plant has many vitamin, and many other good food elements

  10. Marva Dreher says:

    I love and use pure raw coconut oil instead of butter, oil, etc. I use it for everything. My neighbor is telling me it is not good for me. What is your opinion. Thanks, Marvalous Marva

  11. Marva, virgin (raw) Coconut Oil is very good for you. There was bad press about it but that was the heated coconut oil till more was learned.

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